Residential Locksmith Salem OR

Residential Locksmith Salem ORWhile we value every customer that we have, Residential Locksmith Salem OR of Locksmith Plus, Inc. understands just how important the integrity of our homes are.  Here at Capital Lock & Key, we offer efficient, emergency residential locksmith services congruent with comprehensive security assessment.

Our unparalleled service can dramatically increase the security and safety of the residents of Salem, OR.  We are not satisfied unless you are!  Call (503) 400-7994 today to have one of our skilled residential technicians sent your way! Find Residential Locksmith service on Google+!

24 Hour Residential Locksmith within 30 miles of Salem, OR!

Home Lockout Services

Have you had a busy day at work or school only to come home to a locked house with no key!  We have all been there, more times than we can count!  However, there is a solution, and the path to reach it is quite simple.  Residential Locksmith Salem employs only the most efficient residential locksmiths in the area.

Once you call (503) 400-7994, we will deploy our closest available technician.  Once there, he can get you into your home in a matter of minutes so you do not have to worry!  Since lockouts happen fairly often, especially at home, we recommend you keep our number close by.  Nobody expects these situations, but being prepared can safe you time and money!

Home Lock Change & Re-key Services

Re-keying services, more often than not, goes hand in hand with lockout procedures.  Breaking a key is one thing, but when our customers lose a key or believe it to be stolen, we recommend other courses of action!  When dealing with a situation that involves a compromised key, we recommend that you re-key your entire house.  T

his might be unnecessary if you misplaced your key in your home, but if you lost it elsewhere or believe it to be stolen, re-keying your locks can make all the difference in terms of your security and safety.  By doing this, the old key will no longer work on the newly renovated locks; however, you do not pay the extra cost of replacing all the locks.

Typically, we only recommends lock replacement in the event that a lock becomes damaged beyond repair.  This happens quite often, and the residential locksmith team of Salem, OR has every tool in the industry to replace your locks with state of the art, brand name locks.  Your safety will not be in question!  Other than lock replacement and repair, our team is also proficient at installing new locks (even deadbolts or high security locks) on any door or entry that you so desire.  You can never be too safe!  Call (503) 400-7994 today to have Capital Lock & Key send our best residential locksmith to your location.

Lost key Replacement

Replacing lost, stolen, or broken keys is easy at Residential Locksmith Salem OR.  We can also duplicate any existing keys that you already have.  Our mobile residential locksmith team, operating in Salem, OR, can be at your place of residence in a matter of minutes, any time of day, any day of the year.  To utilize our 24-hour mobile residential locksmith service for key replacement or duplication, call (503) 400-7994 now!  Capital Lock & Key is here for you.

Residential Locksmith Services:

  • 90 Day Guarantee
  • Lockouts
  • Lock Replacement/repair
  • Lock Re-key
  • Security Assessment
  • Garage Door Repair
  • State of the Art Tech
  • Quality Services
  • Competitive Pricse