Locksmith Jefferson OR

Locksmith Jefferson OR now operates in Jefferson, OR, an old, small town located outside of Salem, OR.  Although, originally named after the Molala Native Americans, the town actually takes its name from the nearby Jefferson River.  During the 1990s, Jefferson experienced a cultural and population boom.Locksmith Jefferson OR, an affiliate of Locksmith Plus, Inc., has been serving residents, visitors, and businesses in the Jefferson area for over seven years, just after the installation of Jefferson’s first traffic light!

Locksmith Jefferson OR

Locksmith in Jefferson of Capital Lock & Key employs the quality technicians and locksmiths who are fully capable of tackling any residential, commercial, or automotive locksmith dilemma that you find yourself in.  Perhaps, you are a manager with the key to a local business, and seem to have misplaced it.  For your sake, we hope that you have a spare or can get in touch with someone who does.  However, you can always call Locksmith Jefferson OR, Jefferson’s trusted locksmith service provider. On average, we can get to your location in less than thirty minutes!  This is hard to do in the locksmith industry, but since we are a mobile company, we pride ourselves on our quality service and our rush response time.  We operate in rain, wind, snow, etc., and we are available to assist you around the clock.  Our professional locksmith team always has technicians on standby, 24 hours a day, even on holidays.  We will not let rush hour or a storm at 4 in the morning ever prevent us from being your knight in shining armor.

Locksmith Jefferson OR – Automotive Services

The automotive team of locksmiths at Locksmith in Jefferson provides top-notch service to each and every customer in need of automotive assistance.  While we are not a repair company, we do offer some repair services for less!  Locksmith Jefferson OR excels in car lockouts, and yes, we can even unlock your trunk for you!  We all experience the dread that comes with running late.  It slowly builds up, until it escalates into frantic worry.  This is when mistakes happen.  Did you misplace or lock your key in you car?  We can get you back behind the wheel in no time! Hopefully, you just locked your key in the car, but if not, we can also replace virtually any type of car key for you.  Our locksmiths have the skills to replace or duplicate even the highest security vehicle keys, including transponder keys.  We do it for cheaper than your local car dealership too!  Did you jam your key in the ignition, or perhaps, you just cant get the key to turn?  Locksmith Jefferson OR knows to handle ignition predicaments as well.  From key removal to ignition repair & replacement, we can do it all for you today!

Locksmith Jefferson OR – Residential Services

New homeowners sometimes refrain from implementing the proper security measures at their new place of residence.  Locksmith in Jefferson wants our customers to know that whenever we perform any residential locksmith service for you, we are willing to offer free security consultations.  Once on site, our consultants and technicians will make well-informed decisions regarding the safety of your home.  Perhaps, you need a deadbolt installed, or maybe, you need to have every door lock replaced with modern, high security locks in order to appease your insurance company.  Security is our specialty, and we cannot rest until you are resting safely. Our residential services include garage door repair, keypad/remote reprogramming, deadbolt installation, lock replacement, lock repair, lock re key, house key duplication, security assessment & upgrade, etc.

Locksmith Jefferson OR – Commercial Services

Locksmith in Jefferson provides quality locksmith solutions for commercial entities as well.  Although, most of our clients utilize our automotive and residential services, our commercial locksmith team is committed to providing you with the service you deserve.  Is your business and customer base growing, yet you do not know if the level of your security is on par with the growth?  We can help you determine what steps you need to take in order to adequately secure your property.  Whether it be a systematic and comprehensive lock upgrade or the implementation of a master key system, let Locksmith Jefferson OR be the locksmiths who satisfy your lock and key needs.