Locksmith Aumsville OR

Aumsville, OR is a small town located south of Salem, OR.  Locksmith Aumsville OR is an affiliate of Locksmith Plus, Inc. and has been operating locally in Aumsville since 2009.  Locksmith Aumsville OR is here to provide the town of Aumsville with state of art, high quality locksmith services.  Our different locksmith teams have the skills and dedication to handle locksmith jobs relating to cars, trucks, motorcycles, bikes, houses, apartments, garages, commercial buildings, and local businesses.
Our customers in the Aumsville area are never let down, and we have the customer testimonials to prove this! Moreover, Locksmith in Aumsville OR is fully committed to our customers.  We offer only the best in locksmith services, and if you are not 100% satisfied with any service performed, then we are here to take responsibility for any mistakes that we make.  If we replace a key or lock that is not to your liking, let us know!  We will fix it on the spot. If you decide that you are dissatisfied after the fact, then that is okay as well. Locksmith Aumsville OR offers a 90 day written guarantee on any service provided.
We are here to provide our locksmith services to the people of Aumsville, OR, and if they are not 100% satisfied, then neither are we.  To have pride in one’s work is the essence of a good business.  Call us now at (503) 400-7994 to learn more about our services.

Locksmith Aumsville OR – Residential Services

Having a safe home makes happy families happier.  Letting us help secure your home makes us happy as well!  Locksmith in Aumsville is a local, trusted locksmith service provider. Our residential locksmith team is on call to assist you with any house or apartment services you need.  Locksmith Aumsville OR offers comprehensive security evaluation for every home serviced.  We can provide details on how to optimize your home’s security, including replacing any old, broken, or outdated locks with higher security, residential grade brand name locks. Other than security assessment and upgrades, Locksmith in Aumsville also can repair or replace any old or broken locks.  If the integrity of the locks are in tact, but you lost keys, then we recommend lock re key, which renders old keys ineffective.  Did your garage door slide off of the roller or are you simply locked out of our apartment?  Whatever residential locksmith service you need, you can trust us to get the job done right.

Locksmith Aumsville OR – Commercial Services

Here at Locksmith Aumsville OR, we can personally attest to the negative consequences that come with a business without proper security.  That is why we offer an array of locksmith solutions for businesses and commercial entities.  Whether you are concerned about the safety of our patrons and customers or you need to protect your assets, calling Locksmith in Aumsville is the first step!  Once you get us on the phone, we can send over our team of technicians and consultants to assess your situation.  After the evaluation is made, our commercial team will do everything they can to make sure you get the security you deserve. Other than security assessment and upgrade, we offer simple locksmith solutions to lost or broken keys, lockouts, old/broken locks, locked file cabinets, etc.  Maybe you think a master key system is the right step for your business.  Not only can we help you in the decision making, but our commercial locksmiths are adept at master key installation.  You can trust Locksmith Aumsville OR to get the job done right.

Locksmith Aumsville OR – Automotive Services

Although Oregon has beautiful terrain, nobody wants to sit by their car, locked out, waiting for AAA or their spouse to get off of work.  If you are locked out of your car, we promise to get a technician to your location within 20 minutes of calling!  Locksmith in Aumsville excels in automotive lockouts, as this is our most requested service. Aside from lockouts, we can also replace any key that you have lost or misplaced.  Yes, that is right!  We can even replace high security and transponder keys for nearly every car make and model.  Need your trunk opened?  We can help in that department as well!  Locksmith Aumsville OR can even extract a broken key from your ignition or replace the ignition if it is beyond repair.