Lock Rekey

Are you currently looking to rekey the locks on your car, home, or business? Many people who seek are quality lock rekey solutions in Salem, OR initally inquire about our lock replacement services.  Many customers have never even heard of the term rekey, so Locksmith Plus, Inc. Salem OR will take a moment to briefly discuss the difference, in the hopes of saving you both time and money!

We typically encourage people who have recently bought a home to rekey the locks on all of the doors that lead inside your home from outside.  Even though the locks are fully intact, rekeying them is necessary to maximize your safety and that of your family.  Once you call our professional locksmith company, the closest, available technician will be dispatched to your location anywhere within 30 miles of Salem, OR.  That’s right!  While we can typically be on site in under 10 minutes for all lock rekey jobs in Salem, we also travel up to 30 miles away, including Silverton, Molalla, Sheridan, Jefferson, Keizer, Albany, Woodburn, and even Monmouth, Oregon!

[box type=”info”]Why would I rekey my locks if they work fine?[/box]

There are two primary reasons that a customer might need to rekey their locks, and both are very important.  The first reason is simple.  If you lose the only keys to your home or business (or even simple locks such as glove compartment or file cabinet), we can rekey a lock for you.  We do not need to replace the lock, since it works; however, we can cut a key to new tumblers that we put into the lock.

Another reason to rekey locks is if you just moved into a new house or apartment.  To be sure that no keys are missing (previous owners might still have keys), we will rekey the locks for you.  This also applies to new business owners and landlords/renters.  After you rekey your locks, you can rest assured that nobody else has a means to enter your apartment, house, or even your business.  Give Locksmith Plus, Inc. a call today for all services related to lock rekey.