Ignition Repair

So you are having ignition troubles in Salem , OR, huh?  Well the first thing we need to do is make sure that the specific problems that you are having pertain to the expertise of a locksmith.  If you are having an electrical issue or engine trouble (which can often masquerade as ignition problems), please make sure to contact the proper professionals.  The automotive lcoksmith team at Locksmith Plus, Inc. Salem, OR can handle every job in our field related to ignition repair and replacement.

[box type=”info”]What are the most common reasons I might rely on a locksmith to repair or replace my ignition?[/box]

Does the key endlessly turn?

If you insert the key into the ignition and it does not catch, the chances are this is a mechanical issue.  The first thing to do is call our dispatch center and tell the office the make, model, and year.  Then we will send the closest, available technician to come diagnose the specific problem that you are having.  Typically, repair will be the solution, but in the chance that yoiur ignition is beyound repair, please know that we do have many ignitions in stock.

Is the key stuck in the ignition?

Do not try to extract it yourself, as this can cause irreparable damage, further increasing the overall cost.  While there are key extraction kits you can buy, risking damage to your ignition can only add more stress to a stressful situation

Did you lose a key to an older car?

Some of our ignition replacement jobs have nothing to do with the condition of the ignition itself.  Many older vehicles have igntions that are impossible to make new keys for.  The dealership has stopped producing codes and blanks for models, and we simply cannot afford the technology for such a small amount of jobs.  However, there is still hope.  If you are looking to replace a key for a car that we cannot get the information for, we can replace the entire ignition.  That way, if you lose the key again, it will be much simpler and cheaper to handle.