Car Door Rekey

While most customers who need to rekey a lock are looking for our residential or commercial lock rekey services, we also have customers who need to rekey their car locks.  Car door rekey can save customers time and money whenever they are having an issue with the locks on their car doors.  Typically, if the lock is damaged or broken beyond repair, we have to do a lock replacement.  However, there are definitely circumstances that call for car door rekey in Salem, OR!

[box type=”info”]Why would I rekey my locks?[/box]

As with our other rekey services, we recommend lock rekey for vehicle locks in the event that you lose the only key that can bypass the locking mechanism.  Many cars today have ignitions that require a programmed key that to actually get the ignition started.  That being said, many people have separate keys for the ignition than they do the doors and trunks.  If you lose your only key to your doors in Salem, OR, we can rekey the locks for you the very same day you lose the key.

Another instance that someone might need to rekey their door locks related to previous lock repair or replacement.  Did you break a lock to your door and get it replaced by someone other than the dealership?  Chances are that you now have multiple keys for different locks, and they are a hassle!  If you want all of your car door locks to match, then call now for our car door rekey solutions within 30 miles of Salem, OR!

[box type=”note”]Other than car door rekey, we are also able to rekey locks on internal areas of your car as well.  Should you lose the key on for your glove compartment, do not hesitate to give us a call.  Let Locksmith Plus, Inc. show you just why we are experts in the industry![/box]